What can we learn from the Foursquare Incident?

Sharding is a great scalability solution, but as Foursquare recently revealed in a post-mortem about their 17 hours of downtime, sharding also has problems. MongoDB, the database Foursquare uses, also contributed their post-mortem of what went wrong too.

via High Scalability – Troubles with Sharding: What can we learn from the Foursquare Incident?.

Armor Games Makes the Front Page of GamePro

A little self promotion never hurt anybody, right?

We play and play, but we rarely pause to ask ourselves about the humans behind the games that liven up our lunch hour and the hours beyond. But if you’ve ever given up a chunk of your time to conquering Crush the Castle, fighting for your “life” as a zombie in Sonny, or battling through the dirt and blood of Warfare 1917, you’re already made a connection with the staff and community at Armor Games–as have millions of players before you.

The Story of Armor Games, Feature Story from GamePro.